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Gaywatch: Oh, the horror part deux!

Just in time for Halloween.

Tim Parks Media Ho

Gaywatch: Oh, the horror part deux!

                                      By Tim Parks

Ever since horror movies have slipped into the collective consciousness of pop culture society, like a well worn pair of pants, gay audiences have had a big predilection with the images on the screen; the erotic appeal of a dead man asking if he can suck your…blood, werewolves sprouting unwanted thatches of hair and the misunderstood Frankenstein Monster being chased by torch wielding villagers simply because he is “different” – how could that not resonate with us?

Here’s a taste of such instances over the years.

                                           Universal Appeal

Horror films first became a movie dietary supplement in the 1930’s, when Universal unleashed a slew on onscreen monsters that gay audiences could draw an eerie parallel with.  There is the aforementioned Frankenstein Monster, who just wanted to be loved, yet ended up being feared because of…

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