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Full Release: August

Full Release: August

By Tim Parks


Sarah Bareilles

The Blessed Unrest


Sarah Bareilles returns with her third CD and the first single, “Brave” is very indicative of the style of songwriting that she became famous for with her 2007 hit “Love Song,” full of yearning for someone special.

“Chasing The Sun” stays on that melodic road, as does “Manhattan” and the Motown-inspired “Little Black Dress,” with Bareilles being accompanied by her trusty companion, the piano. Out Now.     

Ivy Levan

Introducing The Dame


Musical introductions are in order, Ivy Levan meet my readers and vice versa. The 26-year-old singer lets us know on the track “Money” that “what you see is what you get and you ain’t seen nothing yet.” But what you hear is an artist in command of a retro sound.

This flavor fleshes out the remainder of her self-proclaimed Arkansas “swamp-hop” debut EP, and girlfriend has some pipes on her and spitfire attitude to spare. Out Now  


One True Thing


The one true thing about Tylan is that she approaches songwriting much in the same vein as Adele, by turning her pain into treasured gold. The Girlyman band member is branching out as a solo artist for the first time and the results are haunting songs such as “Over The Rhine” and “Fool Me Again.” 

Each song drips with emotional resonance that traverses a tumultuous landscape. Out Now.




Everyone’s favorite Steel Magnolia, Olympia Dukakis, proves she loves her onscreen partner Brenda Fricker more than her luggage, as is illustrated by the fact that she breaks her out of her nursing home to begin a trek to be legally married in Canada. 

Dukakis’ role as Stella is a rip-roaring character is right in line with other feisty dames in her acting wheelhouse, while Fricker’s role as Dot embodies a more reluctant traveler aspect of the two. Along for the ride is Prentice (Ryan Doucette), a young hitchhiker who wants to chuck off the shackles of small town life in favor of becoming a dancer.  Out Now  

The Place Beyond The Pines


With two handsome actors for one price, The Place Beyond The Pines is a bargain at half the price for the eye candy set. Bradley Cooper and Ryan Gosling headline this crime drama, which has Gosling revving his engines as a stunt motorcyclist who resorts to robbing banks as way to be the breadwinner for his girlfriend and their newborn child.

This activity comes into sharp focus for a go-getting rookie cop (Cooper), who is treading the precarious thin blue line of dealing with a police department being overseen by a corrupt detective. The movie also stars Ray Liotta and Eva Mendes. Out August 6. 

The Great Gatsby


While author F. Scott Fitzgerald and the man who directed Moulin Rouge may seem like an unlikely behind-the-screen couple; Baz Luhrmann manages to add his own brand of cinematic magic to the classic novel. 

The Aussie director re-teams with his Romeo + Juliet star Leonardo DiCaprio for The Great Gatsby, which chronicles a time of decadence in New York City during the summer of 1922 and the pursuit of the American Dream. It’s only vicariously for Midwestern transplant Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire), who is drawn into the world of Jay Gatsby (DiCaprio) and Daisy Buchanan (Carey Mulligan). Out August 27.     



Eating My Feelings

Mark Brennan Rosenberg


Are you craving a good laugh? Then dive right into the pages of Eating My Feelings, a collection of essays that highlight the off kilter world of  author Mark Rosenberg’s struggles with his fluctuating battle of the bulge during his 1980s childhood and life as a gay man in the 2000s . 

He showcases his affinity for finding solace in both food and pop culture; with the latter finding him learning life lessons from Melrose Place, such as how to bribe counselors at fat camp in his younger years, serves up both laughs and heartbreak. Out August 6.  

Back In The Saddle To Fit

Darryl Ewing 


If you fall into the generational category of being a boomer or near the last part of the alphabet as an x, then Darryl Ewing is here to offer 10 steps to reclaiming athletic fitness for the busy professional. With Back In The Saddle To Fit, Ewing addresses the all-to easy to fall into sections of our lives that constitute career, home and family and how to balance them with much-needed exercise.

The plan only requites 3.5 percent of your time every week, further achieving a more active, less stressed out lifestyle with the “60/40 Proposition” of how to supplement your nutritional needs as well. Out Now. 

It’s Not Who I Am

Kylie Rae


Author Kylie Rae’s non-fiction account of living a false life as a man highlights the title of her memoir, It’s Not Who I Am. Her journey through gender is nothing short of heroic, as she undergoes multiple sex change procedures to get to the place she always knew would feel like home as a woman.

With her candor and experience on the subject matter, Rae hopes to enlighten readers about what the experience of being transgender is truly like. Out Now.

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