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Go see Michelle Scott at Happenstans Salon

I just got an  awesome haircut from Michelle at Happenstans Salon and I have never had more compliments than I have on this cut. Even straight boys like it! She is talented at what she does with precision and care, plus she’s a fun person on top of being professional. You can book your appointment with her by calling: 619-291-1320.

Happenstans Salon is located at 416 University Ave., Ste. 200.

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I am a self professed Media Ho, which is the nicer version of being a Media Whore. My mother actually inspired me to come up with the term

3 responses to “Go see Michelle Scott at Happenstans Salon

  1. Michelle

    Thanks so much Tim.. it was a pleasure having you in my chair… Just give me a call when you want to make another cell is my salon contact number… (619) 665-6599. Call me anytime 🙂

  2. Cyrus

    Tim Parks you make me laugh! I have no idea how I discovered your blog but I had it saved in my favorites for the last few monhs and just started reading it today. I’m writing because I LOVE IT when someone has a great experience with what/whoever and passes it on. It’s in that spirit I’m writing you now because when you mentioned how many people had complimented you on your “new do” I was reminded me of something similar that happened to me. Who doesn’t love a good cologne? Lord knows there are a million different ones, everyday theres a new one on the market and frankly most of them smell like crap, which is why I’ve stayed with the same 4 or 5 my whole life. Grey Flannel, Eau Savage, Pino Sylvestre and the one that has garnered the most compliments of all, it’s been insane,everyone from cab drivers to waiters have asked me what I was wearing.I couldn’t believe how much feedback I got from this one cologne. It’s Farenheit by Christian Dior. I know this is unimportant, but it’s nice when someone recommends what has worked for them. So shallow though it may be and for what it’s worth a little Farenheit along with your new haircut just might double the compliments! Just passing it on!

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