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Del Shores:The Naked Truth and Nothing Butt

By Tim Parks

When Del Shores takes to the stage at Martini’s Above Fourth on Thursday July 12 at 8pm, he will be bringing his own unique brand of “Naked.Sordid,Reality” along with him.

The mastermind behind such white trash favorites as Sordid Lives and the upcoming Blues for WillaDean will be giving his thoughts on a wide variety of subjects, including bein’ buck nekkid. TPMH caught up with him  to discuss everything from his one-man show  to Sordid Lives and beyond.

TPMH: If you had your druthers would it be naked time everyday at all times, or a partially clothed option whenever cooking food with oil that splatters?

Del Shores:I do love nudity, but I love fashion as well, so I guess yes, definitely while cooking! I just wish we were all a little less uptight about the human body. Why can we just be more European?!

TPMH:What would you cite as your favorite nude beach?

DS:Well, I’ve only been on a few, but I loved the one in Brisbane Austrailia, but the very best was the gay beach in the Canary Islands. I went there with my ex-husband in 2005. LOVED IT!

TPMH: What was the inspiration behind your show?

DS: I needed this show. The last few months have been so hard. I needed to stand up, make people laugh. Laugh at myself and know that I still “had it.” And I do ! What topics can audiences look forward to… Well, I love the reenactment of the reality shows, word for word. I think Hoarders is my favorite to perform. And the Adele rant is pretty damn good, if I say so myself.

Oh, I just posted a clip for the NY show. Here it is!

TPMH: And which ones should they be afraid of you broaching?


TPMH:Why do you think that Sordid Lives has struck a loving chord with audiences?

DS:I think everybody can recognize a relative or two and the theme of acceptance hits hard with the gay audience and beyond.

TPMH:Is it because we are fascinated with all things white trash..
DS: Well we sure love our big haired women, don’t we?
TPMH: And what character would you see going on “Maury” for a DNA test?

DS: Probably G.W.

TPMH: I loved the TV version – what happened to a 2nd season?
DS: Hmmm, you need to google that.  Greedy producer didn’t pay our residuals and the series ended up in bankruptcy court, blah, blah, blah.
TPMH: Was LOGO just too anxious to inflict “The A-List” onto an unsuspecting populace?

DS: Logo actually ordered the 2nd season.    The legalities killed the show.

TPMH:You have adapted your play “Trials & Tribulations of a Trailer Trash Housewife” into an upcoming feature – when will it be hitting theaters?

DS: We are just now shopping for a distribution home.  The title of the movie is now BLUES FOR WILLADEAN.  I’m very excited about it.  It starts Beth Grant, Octavia Spencer, Dale Dickey, Debby Holiday and David Steen.

TPMH: Were you tempted to cast any of the women of the “Real Housewives” franchise to be in it?


TPMH: Well, if you had – who would you choose as being of the trailer trash variety?

DS: I’ve only have seen the “Beverly Hills” one, but Kim could probably live in a trailer.

TPMH: Speaking of casting…there is a new face among the seasoned Shores player – how was it to work with Octavia Spencer?

DS: Octavia and I started working together in 2003 when she did the play Trailer Trash Housewife. Love her and love working with her.  She’s my buddy and she’s brilliant!

TDMH: She didn’t bake you a pie, did she?

DS: NO! Thankfully, she doesn’t really bake.

TPMH: Who else would you like to add to your stable of stars?

DS: Sissy Spacek, Holly Hunter, Meryl Streep, Robert Duval — and Ricky Martin, just because.

TPMH: This marks one of the few projects without Leslie Jordan – how did that make you feel during production?

DS: Oh, we both got over it.  But my next movie stars him!  I can’t work for too long without a Leslie fix.

TPMH: Our readers will want to make sure y’all ain’t feudin’ – inqueering minds will wanna know!

DS: Oh God no.  We adore each other.

TPMH: What is your favorite Leslie Jordan story?

DS: I can’t choose.  There are so so many.  He is the master story teller.

TPMH: I’ve interviewed him 4 times, so I know he has lots of yarn to spin.

DS:Yes, and a couple of those stories are true.

TPMH: Do you have any upcoming projects that you can give us a hint about?
 DS: The Leslie Jordan movie is a mockumentary called THE HAPPY HOLLOWAYS, about a gospel singing family on their last toenail of fame.  I have Caroline Rhea, Levi Kreis, Ann Walker, Rosemary Alexander, Leslie, Newell Alexander and so many more attached.  I’m also filming the play version of SOUTHERN BAPTIST SISSIES and stay tuned for big announcement about Sordid movies and some TV projects!

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