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Hollywood: Everything Old is New Again!

Hollywood: Everything Old is New Again!

By Tim Parks 

Check out my take on the Hollywood recycle program, which includes going green for the upcoming “updates” of Wonder Woman, Charlie’s Angels and Dallas!

If I were Chris Crocker (no I’m not, you stop that Buddy Hinton!) I would, and will most likely, be yelling at my TV screen to “Leave Britney,err,  Dallas, Wonder Woman and Charlie’s Angels alone!” 

I’d probably add a patented “you sons-of- bitches” in for good measure! And this was written before I saw ole Wonder’s “new” track suit costume, aack! Enjoy!

It’s on pages 35-36 on the online version of

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I am a self professed Media Ho, which is the nicer version of being a Media Whore. My mother actually inspired me to come up with the term

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