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July Music

July Music

By Tim Parks

The Mighty Aphrodite  

Kylie Minogue Aphrodite

“The Impossible Princess” is back and you won’t be able to get her new collection of songs out of your head! The inaugural single from this dance pop diva, “All The Lovers,” has all the earmarkings of classic Kylie.

She coos that her desire is to “dance, it’s all I wanna do,” but its her determination and a promise “to get inside your groove” that seals the deal on this sure to be a hit song, which she can easily add to the arsenal of ones she has been stockpiling since the late ’80s, and is most on par with her 2003 sensual jam “Slow.”

“Get Outta My Way” is a more up tempo endeavor, as is “Cupid Boy,” “Put Your Hands Up” and”‘Closer”  for pure unadulterated “it’s-got-a-good-beat-and-you-can-dance-to-it” type of musical fun. You can rest assured that these songs will be pouring out of car speakers in gayborhoods worldwide. Available July 6. 

Work it out sisters

Scissor Sisters Night Work

The Scissor Sisters have made a full-time career out of bringing great music to the masses, and their newest addition to their fusion catalog of disco, glam rock, pop and club music should appease their fans.

Night Work is a text book case of what makes Jake Shears, Ana Matronic, Babydaddy, Del Marquis and Randy Real such an exciting group to listen to.

Their lead single “Fire with Fire” has some of the familiar sounding Elton John inspired (Shears is uncanny in his ability to sound like the “I’m Still Standing” singer) vocal touches to it. Yet, at times, it sounds like a throwback to a ’80s Monster Rock anthem, and while it does contain a steady beat throughout most of the tune, it ends up being a pseudo Elton John/Styx hybrid.

However, book ending the first track release would be the last one listed on their third CD. “Invisible Light,” is a highly charged dance track, which is reminiscent of The Pet Shop Boys, with Shears’ vocal mimicry abilities paying homage to Neil Tennant, with a little Frankie Goes To Hollywood thrown in for very good measure. Available Now.     

Something to crow about

Sheryl Crow 100 Miles From Memphis 


Grammy Award-winning song bird Sheryl Crow, who gave us the 2002 jam “Soak Up the Sun,” is gearing up with another seasonal platitude with her funk/soul inspired seventh album’s first track, “Summer Day.”

When Crow sings on the track about someone coming into her life and giving her hope and love, even on this potentially playful song, there is still just as much conviction in her voice as when she asked listeners if they were “Strong Enough” to be her man, circa 1994.

During the song she intones that she merely wants to “let it shine,” and this new song does just that with its throwback simplicity and melodic undertow of the horn section that will pull you in.

“Our Love is Fading” is another great track, which actually sounds as though it was recorded during the Motown era.

Speaking of…100 Miles From Memphis also features her take on songs from a few of Hitsville, USA residents, such as Marvin Gaye’s unreleased track ‘Desperate Situations’ and The Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back.”  

The CD also features Memphis native Justin Timberlake providing background vocals on the Terence Trent D’Arby hit “Sign Your Name.” Available July 20.      

Hopelessly Devo-ted to you

Devo Something for Everybody

Devo is back with their first new album in 20 years, besting their contemporaries, The B-52’s, record breaking lapse between musical endeavors by four years.

“Fresh” is prepped to be the first single off Something for Everbody, and starts out with a heavy metal quality, which bleeds into their trademarked New Wave sound that made them radio pioneers during the early ’80s. The lyrics come at listeners at full velocity, yet they manage to transport those same ears back from this future to create a cohesive ripple effect in the space/time continuum.

You’d be pretty hard pressed to not believe that the songs “Watch Us Work It,” “Don’t Shoot (I’m a Man)” and “What We Do” weren’t originally on 1980’s Freedom of Choice, as it is a vintage example of the joys of devolution at its finest.

With other modern day artists, such as La Roux, borrowing from the styles of artists from the early days of New Wave; it’s nice to see these original originators return to their former stomping grounds and flourish with the seeds they planted decades ago. Available now.

You want fries with that milkshake?

Kelis Flesh Tone

Just in time for the scorching summer months, singer Kelis has assembled together a dream team of producers, including David Guetta and, for her hot new CD, Flesh Tone.

The first single, “Acapella,” has already proven to be a massive club hit the world over, and achieved number one status on the Billboard Dance Charts. And it’s easy to hear why with a plethora of Guetta-infused magic, which all but begs you not to get onto the dance floor and shake your collective money makers.

She is readying the second single, “4th of July (Fireworks),” which will burn bright in the night sky for the club set with its crackling beats, popping refrains of “you make me high” repeated throughout and a piano that explodes into a synth-like melody. Available July 6.

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