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Real Star Sightings

Ok, now that I got the poking fun at the not for real real celebrity set in my prior post (yeah, ok, it’s ALL out of my system). Here are some real celebrity sightings!


This is as close as I got to Debbie, excuse me, Deborah, Gibson at her Gay Pride appearance. No, I didn’t have a restraining order put out on me by Debbie Deb, even though I still can’t ‘Shake Her Love’ after all these years. The tragic back story is that I interviewed her and we clicked so well that I arranged to meet her one-on-one prior to her performance. However, her momager, Diane, led me to believe that would be most definitely be the case, and then hopped onto a little golf cart and was off like the breeze (really, you can’t drive off like the wind in one of those things). So, I waited and waited by the fence to no avail and this was all I got for my one-on-one. I demand a recount!

However, that same what was supposed to be fateful night of meeting someone I idolized as a teen was somehwat “fulfilled” when I met Michael Floreale of When In Rome. You know, they sang the song “The Promise.” Anyhoo, he was just hangin’ out near the kettle corn popcorn area, and was happy to have his pic taken with me. Not for nothing, he did sing a killer rendition of ‘Like A Prayer’ by Madonna that night…how many times in a row could he have sang ‘The Promise,’ really? I’m jiving, he was very nice.

   My brother had to ask me who this was, and I e-mailed him back in disdain, ‘It’s Linda Evans, fool!” Yes, she’s obviously had some work done since her days as Krystle Grant Jennings Carrington on “Dynasty,” but one thing that remained intact was her genuine charm. When I interviewed her for the play Legends , in which she co-starred with former on-screen nemesis Joan Collins (who was at the after party for all of five minutes, thus no pic or meeting!), it was just like talking to Krystle herself, and she was sweet and remembered our chat on the phone.

This was as close as I dared to get to Margot Kidder, since it wasn’t too long after her well publicized “troubles.” However, years later I interviewed her and she was a very warm and open woman, who has publicly fought her demons and was quite open about them with me. Much respect!

Something you might not equate with outspoken comedian Margaret Cho is that she is actually very shy. I found out during my two interviews with her, and when I got to meet her backstage at her ‘Beautiful’ tour, which this shot is from. The guy in the pic is my partner Jim, and no, he is not that short, he was just trying to make us all fit in the shot…aww, isn’t he sweet? What a bitch I am!

Jim and I also met another very funny woman, Heather McDonald, of “Chelsea Lately” fame. We had some drinks (non alcoholic for me, natch) and a few laughs with her and her crew, including her husband Peter. Another byproduct meeting from an interview, and her stand-up routine is hilarious, especially her ode to Drew Barrymore’s lisp. But, my favorite is her Cousin Geri impression from “The Facts of Life.”

Her “Chelsea Lately” co-hort, and cubicle mate, Guy Branum is the epitome of a gentle giant. His stand-up was unfortunately interrupted by some lesbians at the local bar they were both performing at – and he chastised them that he was “doing a show here!” Loved it! Oh, you may have noticed I changed my look up…goodbye short hair and hello glasses – they make me look more smarter, don’t they? You may have also noticed that Guy was a tad bit sweaty, that’s because we all danced to Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies…’holla!

Oh, and this blank spot is reserved for the picture Jim was supposed to be taking of me meeting Chelsea Handler! Thanks a lump, pickle!

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One response to “Real Star Sightings

  1. Oh, what a fun post! I would have never recognized cousin Oliver!

    Heather is hilarious, and I think I love her Drew Barrymore even more than her cousin Jeri. Well, maybe it’s a tie.

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