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Star Sightings!

Ok, one of my favorite things to combat boredom is looking for regular folk who resemble celebrities.

It’s amazing to see a homeless woman who is a dead ringer for Whitney Houston(yes, I know not really funny, but stay with me, it’s an example – and if ole Whit Whit doesn’t pull herself together, it’s not too far off the mark as an illustration)!

So below are some people I’ve happened upon that really look like the famous, although they are just like you or I, and naturally this is all done in the spirit of good fun and using your imagination.

Case in point…here’s that actress that played ‘Precious.’ Gabrielle Cinnabuns? Is that her name? Whatever it is, no-one rocks a jeans shorts ensemble like her…talk about being precious, indeed! Is she smuggling two bean bags under said short? I’m just sayin’.

And here’s ‘troubled’ starlet Lindsay Lohan rockin’ a beauty of a look! Are those her signature leggings peeking out from those retro slippers? She must be ‘researching’ her next role as a washed up actress. Oh, life imitating art…most likely, she’s just looking for change to pay for her recent court appearances. The upswing here is that she is putting some weight back on and has gone back to her natural hair color. 

Good God! They are promoting the hell outta The A-Team movie, one day the van from the series-turned-movie happened to pop up in front of my house. A faux Mr. T. (or actor/rapper Common  in the movie) jumped out, and attempted to scare neighborhood kids to ‘stay in school’ and ‘don’t do drugs.’ However, the gold chains around his neck were too heavy and he fell down to the ground, while the chains almost strangled him! Naturally, I would have helped…had I not been laughing so hard. As it is, this was the only shot I could muster – just moments before the mohawked-one’s ‘appearance.’

I can’t tell is this ShelleyWinters prepping for her return to the role of ‘Mommy’ in a sequel to Cleopatra Jones?  Oh wait she’s been dead since 2006, my bad! R.I.P. Mrs. Rosen!  Seriously though, what was up with her film roles in the 1970s?

So, this must be Kirstie Alley on the set of Look Who’s Eating Now? Maybe, the role requires her to hunt down and skin Valerie Bertnelli, after all, that now skinny beeyatch stole her career with Jenny Craig!

A few weeks back, a friend of mine went to a taping of “Dancing with the Stars,” and he met Priscilla Presley! I would say she looks scary without her make-up on, but, girl if she had any more pancake on her face, you could call her Aunt Jemima! Of note, I am white and that was not intended to be any type of racial slur, as Aunt Jemima is my favorite of all the pancake syrups is all, and the only pancake reference I could make, since I can’t have those flapjacks without my Auntie, k? BTW, doesn’t Priscilla’s new hair cut look AWFUL? Stay out of the pool, ‘Cilla, or at the very least, wash your hair afterwards!

Hollywood baby snatcher, I mean, Hollywood adoptive mother, Angelina Jolie crashed a party my friends had. She kept telling everyone her baby was stupid and would throw it across the room. Then she proclaimed that she was looking to adopt a wee one from Mars. Oh, Angie!

Who could forget this gent who ‘liked to hump his skins’ in the Oscar Award-winning Silence of the Lambs

That’s right, it’s a Jame or Jamie Gumb himself! Guess he had to scale back because of the economy on needle and thread. His new girl suit looks to be made of magazine clippings tapped to a regular sports jacket. Oh well, at least he still knows the importance of moisturizing (Gross! is that a fingernail still stuck to the bottle?!) I bet he was in the hood looking to borrow The A-Team‘s van, he probably had a couch to move.

 And absolutely no star sighting, I mean no star sighting at all, would be complete without a visit from the Big JC. And, I am not talking about Penney’s! That’s right, Jebus came to our family get-together last Christmas after my young niece screamed out, ‘Jesus…I wanted a zebra stripped Snuggie!’ And, lo and behold, the man upstairs appeared and he had the Snuggie little Ally wanted. I know, that one was kind of nice!

Hold up…it may not have been our Lord and Savior after all – is that Kris Kristofferson. Yes, I already know I am going to burn in Hell, but at least it’s warm and all of my friends will be there. That last part is a trademarked saying from yours truly, if you say it, I know immediately and you will then owe me a quarter, which I will in turn, give to Ms. Lohan.

Recently, I went outside (true story!), but that isn’t the crazy part of my tale of venturing outdoors. Low and behold, (or is that low and behind?) I do believe one of the Kardashian sisters was sitting in front of me on the left. I think it may have been Khloe in a disguise, but I just can’t keep up with those girls, or merely a tourist from Minnesota with some junk in her respective junk! Either way, it made me glad I ordered just a salad.

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  1. I’d just like to let you know how much I learn from your blog Favorited u.Hope to be back fast for some more good articles

    • timparksmediaho ⋅

      My motto for my column has always been: “to inform and to educate.” So, I am glad that you are enjoying that philosophy 🙂

  2. When i visit a blog, chances are that I notice that most blogs are amateurish.On the other hand,I could honestly say that you writting is decent and your website solid.

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